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trademarks and copyrights Archives

Change in guard for patent and trademark advisory committees

In early January, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced several new members for two advisory committees related to the office. The new members are to serve three-year terms in their respective offices.

What are some advantages of a federal trademark?

If you've been using your logo, specialty phrase or other branded design in the marketplace for a while, you might be thinking about trademarking it. While federal trademark isn't required for some protective benefits, it does add to the legal protection you can claim if someone else uses your mark.

What types of intellectual property can be copyrighted?

If you are a designer, artist or writer, or any other creative visionary, your work product is your ideas, the stuff you produce first in your mind before committing to pen, paper or other artistic medium.

Kardashians win in court against cosmetics company

The Kardashian sisters recently won a major lawsuit against Hillair Capital and Haven Beauty, companies that ran a line of cosmetics called Kardashian Beauty. They claim that the company had been using their trademarks even after the two sides no longer had an agreement allowing them to do so.

Should I register a trademark or a service mark in California?

There are many reasons why one might want to register a trademark or service mark in the state of California. Whether beginning a new business venture, expanding existing services or venturing into new service sectors, or possibly introducing a new product or product line to the market, many individuals and organizations seek to register trademarks and service marks in California each year.

Trademark lawsuit filed as coffee companies fued

We have often discussed the issue of trademarks and copyrights on this blog, and how violating a trademark or copyright can cause a company or individual many legal headaches. Even on a smaller scale, these violations can have a detrimental impact to either the violating party or the victimized party.

Copyright, public domain and fair use: a brief guide

We have written about copyrights and fair use before. In reference to an intellectual property dispute that involved recording artist Taylor Swift, it was inferred that fair use would likely be the reason the case against her wouldn't progress very far.

'Fair use' likely will save Taylor Swift in IP lawsuit

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about copyrights and patents. That post was focused on the differences between these two important pieces of intellectual property law, as well as the many uses for patents and copyrights. Once of the things that these protections can cover is music and the lyrics of songs.

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