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October 2015 Archives

Jury rules against Apple in IP lawsuit

The University of Wisconsin-Madison sued Apple back in Jan. 2014 after it was discovered that Apple used an invention created by one of the university's computer science professor and some of his students. The invention was a "predictor circuit," and it was made in 1998. However, Apple started using this circuitry in iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. The circuitry was in their A7, A8 and A8X processors.

The trademark, the service mark, and what they do for companies

In the past few weeks, we have talked about patents and copyrights. These are two forms of protection for individuals and companies that are looking to secure their intellectual property. But there is a third form of protection that we haven't covered yet, and today we are going to rectify that. Today, we're going to talk about trademarks: what they do, how they work, and why they are important.

Jordan sues second grocery store for using his likeness

Everyone wanted to be like Mike. Really, everyone still wants to be like Mike. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player of a generation, if not the best basketball player ever. His iconic dunking silhouette; his many game-winning jumpers; and his incredible ability to sell products made him an international superstar, an icon of icons.

On patents, and what they mean for inventors

Patents are very important. They protect products, designs and even plants that are created by a novel mind or an inventor. But what exactly do patents protect? How does having the government decree that your product, invention or plant is patented protect you, the inventor, from financial losses incurred by copycat companies or individuals?

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