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August 2017 Archives

What is the federal trademark dilution act?

Trademarks, once issued, must be protected. Even if a trademark is copied in an illegal manner, it can lead to long-lasting damage to the strength of the brand. This is exactly why the Federal Trademark Dilution Act (FTDA) has been put in place. It was established in the effort to protect famous brands from the "piggybacking" off third parties when they try to illegally use their trademark.

Copyright protection should be done early to avoid problems

Your creative works are the fruits of your mental labor. In some cases, they also involve physical sacrifices. It is imperative that you take steps to protect these so that nobody else can come behind you and take credit for your hard work.

Understand copyrights and licenses for your creative works

Your intellectual property isn't something that you will want to give away for free in most cases. You probably don't want other people to be able to capitalize off of your hard work. This is where a copyright comes into the picture.

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