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Don't let anyone get away with stealing intellectual property

Your intellectual property is likely a key to your livelihood. Have you ever thought about what you would do if someone infringed on your rights to the property? One of the options that you have if this does occur is to take legal action. While this might be a tough battle, we are here to represent your interests.

Filing bankruptcy: Protecting yourself and your brand

Did you know that businesses could file bankruptcy and still remain open? Just as individuals can choose to fully liquidate assets during a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or can create repayment plans and keep some assets during a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, business owners have a number of options when seeking debt relief.

Don't get trapped in unfruitful real estate litigation

The amount of disputes that can arise during the real estate transaction or development process are seemingly endless, and it can be easy to become trapped by litigation that gets you nowhere. To avoid floundering in courts or eating up your business budget with unnecessary legal fees, you need a plan of action and numerous exit strategies before you approach any project or legal action.

Understanding when bankruptcy is the right move

Filing for bankruptcy doesn't necessarily mean the end of your business. In fact, depending on what your financial situation is, bankruptcy can be the step that saves your business because it lets you reorganize your debts and clear the slates a bit for a more stable future. Before you jump into bankruptcy as the endeavor to right your business ship, though, it's critical to do your homework and understand not only whether bankruptcy is right for you, but also which type of filing best fits your needs.

Why a patent claim may be invalid

Just because someone makes a patent claim against you, that does not always mean that the claim is valid. You must know your rights and what can happen when you go to court in California, especially if you feel that you'd done nothing wrong. Common reasons that the claim could be deemed invalid by the court include the following:

How much can you legally change another company's logo?

If you're interested in trademarks and design, you may have heard that you only need to alter a logo by about 20 to 25 percent in order to claim it as your own. It can be inspired by a logo that already exists and is in use as long as it differs enough that it appears to be its own design. Is this true?

Pepperidge Farm sues Trader Joe's in cookie lawsuit

Many people know about "Milano" cookies, a type of cookie made by Pepperidge Farm. The cookie has been made by 1956, and the packaging for the cookie (and Pepperidge Farm products in general) has not changed significantly since then either. Milanos are two rounded wafer cookies with chocolate filling between them. They are iconic (as iconic as foods can be, that is) and have been featured prominently in many television shows.

Why legal help is often necessary with IP law

In the last few months, we have talked quite a bit about intellectual property, trade secrets and the ways business can protect their vital products and patents. Intellectual property is an incredibly complicated area of law, and also a very important one. If a company is not well-versed in the complexities of intellectual property, they take on a lot of unnecessary risk.

Paint protection patent allegedly infringed upon, says 3M

Many people all across the country recognize the company 3M for their many engineering marvels and incredible, inventive products. But for any company in 3M's position, in order to retain this reputation in the marketplace, defending their products, processes and patents is essential. You don't become a successful company without entering into litigation at some point to defend yourself and your ideas.

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