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The number of disputes that can arise during the real estate transaction or development process is seemingly endless, and it can be easy to become trapped by litigation that gets you nowhere. To avoid floundering in courts or eating up your business budget with unnecessary legal fees, you need a plan of action and numerous exit strategies before you approach any project or legal action.

One way to ensure that you have a strong plan of action in place is to work with an experienced business law professional. Our firm is experienced in handling a long list of real estate-related issues ranging from contract disputes to zoning and boundary arguments. We know that these disputes are often complex and they come with many moving parts, which we can help you juggle more successfully.

The impact of local, state and federal laws on these types of disputes only add to the complexity of real estate and development issues. For example, you might find yourself arguing with another party about a development contract, but the solutions or compromises that would solve the argument aren't allowed because of local regulations or natural resource laws.

Whatever the situation is, you have to be able to walk a line between protecting your bottom line and the interests of your clients, staying on the right side of all applicable real estate laws and managing your relationship with the parties you are contracted with. We can help you resolve issues such as easements, title disputes, sales contract problems, bond claims or mechanic's liens so you can move forward with your property purchase or development as soon as possible and with minimal losses.

The author's opinions expressed in this article are strictly his/her own and should not be attributed to any others, including other attorneys at Klein DeNatale Goldner or the law firm as a whole.