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More Than 60 Years Supporting The Central Valley

Look around the San Joaquin Valley and you will see how Klein DeNatale Goldner helped build this area.

Our firm has fostered the growth of thriving enterprises and institutions. We have guided many people through troubled times and helped them build better futures for themselves and their families.

Klein DeNatale Goldner is committed to helping the San Joaquin Valley grow and prosper.  This site introduces you to the range of practice areas at KDG. Whether you are a multinational corporation, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or an individual in California, we can provide counsel to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Jennifer A. Adams

    Jennifer A. Adams Business & Corporate Law

  2. K. Poncho Baker

    K. Poncho Baker Labor & Employment Law

  3. Hagop T. Bedoyan

    Hagop T. Bedoyan Bankruptcy & Restructuring

  4. Catherine E. Bennett

    Catherine E. Bennett Appellate Law

  5. R. Jeffrey Warren

    Stephanie Bouey Healthcare Law & Corporate Transactions

  6. Ryan D. Bright

    Ryan D. Bright Personal Injury & Product Liability

  7. William A. Bruce

    William A. Bruce Business & Commercial Litigation

  8. O. Vanessa Franco Chavez

    O. Vanessa Franco Chavez Business & Employment Litigation

  9. David J. Cooper

    David J. Cooper Complex Litigation

  10. Thomas V. DeNatale, Jr.

    Thomas V. DeNatale, Jr. Family Law & Business Litigation

  11. Dustin S. Dodgin

    Dustin S. Dodgin Business & Corporate Law

  12. Christopher E. Dominguez

    Christopher E. Dominguez Business & Commercial Litigation

  13. James M. Duncan

    James M. Duncan Intellectual Property

  14. Jacob L. Eaton

    Jacob L. Eaton Bankruptcy & Restructuring

  15. Kevin C. Findley

    Kevin C. Findley Taxation Law & Estate Planning

  16. Barry L. Goldner

    Barry L. Goldner Business & Corporate Law

  17. Chris Hamilton

    Chris Hamilton Business & Corporate Law

  18. James R. Harvey

    James R. Harvey Business & Commercial Litigation

  19. Lisa A. Holder

    Lisa Holder Bankruptcy & Family Law

  20. Joseph D. Hughes

    Joseph D. Hughes Water & Public Agency Law

  21. Krystyna L. Jamieson

    Krystyna L. Jamieson Personal Injury & Product Liability

  22. R. Scott Kimsey

    R. Scott Kimsey Intellectual Property

  23. Anthony J. Klein

    Anthony J. Klein Personal Injury & Product Liability

  24. Dennis Mullins

    Dennis Mullins Estate Planning & Probate

  25. Vincent J. Oddo

    Vincent J. Oddo Real Estate Transactions

  26. Nancy L. Oehler

    Nancy L. Oehler Estate Planning & Probate

  27. Ravi S. Patel

    Ravi S. Patel Water Law & Business Litigation

  28. Jay L. Rosenlieb

    Jay L. Rosenlieb Labor & Employment Law

  29. Tracy M. Saiki

    Tracy M. Saiki Agriculture & Food Law Practice

  30. Timothy G. Scanlon

    Timothy G. Scanlon Construction & Real Estate Litigation

  31. Kurt D. Van Sciver

    Kurt D. Van Sciver Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation

  32. Julia K. Vlahos

    Julia K. Vlahos Personal Injury & Product Liability

  33. R. Jeffrey Warren

    R. Jeffrey Warren Construction & Business Litigation

The attorneys and staff of Klein DeNatale Goldner have deep roots in the San Joaquin Valley.

Many of us grew up here, attended local schools and began contributing to the civic life of the community at an early age. Those of us who left for college or military service have returned, and our firm has been enriched by the addition of people from outside our region. All of us have made the decision to make the Valley our home.

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