Dealing with Employees Who Stink: Expert Advice from Attorney Jay Rosenlieb

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As a responsible business owner or manager, you strive to create a productive and harmonious work environment for your team. However, at times, you might encounter delicate situations that require tactful handling. One such situation is dealing with employees who have noticeable body odor issues. Addressing this sensitive topic with empathy and professionalism is crucial to maintain a respectful workplace and prevent any potential legal complications.

Recently, our team stumbled upon an insightful article on Kiplinger that shed light on this very topic, and we were pleased to find Attorney Jay Rosenlieb from Klein DeNatale Goldner offering expert advice. Today, we'll delve into some of the key points shared by Mr. Rosenlieb and explore the best practices for dealing with employees who stink.

Recognize the Sensitivity of the Issue

Addressing personal hygiene issues is inherently sensitive and uncomfortable. As an employer or manager, it's essential to approach such matters with compassion and understanding. Understand that the employee may be facing personal challenges that contribute to the issue. Creating a judgment-free and supportive environment is crucial to facilitate a constructive conversation.

Private Communication is Key

When addressing the concern, ensure absolute privacy. Scheduling a one-on-one meeting in a discreet location is vital to protect the employee's dignity. Publicly discussing the matter can cause humiliation and damage team morale. Approach the conversation with a focus on the impact their body odor may have on their work environment and colleagues, rather than making it about the individual themselves.

Emphasize Company Policies

During the discussion, gently remind the employee about your company's hygiene and dress code policies. Reiterate that all employees are expected to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a comfortable and respectful workplace for everyone. Highlight that addressing this issue is not about singling them out but about maintaining a cohesive and professional atmosphere.

Offer Support and Solutions

Instead of merely pointing out the problem, extend a helping hand. Inquire if the employee is facing any personal challenges that might be contributing to the issue. Show empathy and understanding, and if appropriate, offer support or resources that could assist them in overcoming their difficulties. This could include suggesting medical advice or counseling services.

Be Prepared for Emotional Reactions

Discussions about personal hygiene can evoke strong emotions. The employee might feel embarrassed, defensive, or even angry. Be patient and understanding, allowing them time to process the information. Reassure them that your intention is not to shame or humiliate them but to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Document the Conversation

After your conversation, make sure to document the discussion and any solutions agreed upon. This documentation can serve as a record in case further action is necessary or if the issue persists. Keep the documentation confidential and store it securely to protect the employee's privacy.

Follow Up

Check-in with the employee periodically to see if the situation has improved. Offer ongoing support and encouragement as they work towards resolving the issue. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in helping an employee through a challenging time.

Dealing with employees who have body odor issues requires tact, empathy, and a commitment to upholding a respectful workplace. By following the advice of experienced professionals like Attorney Jay Rosenlieb, you can address these sensitive matters with grace and professionalism, fostering a harmonious and productive work environment for everyone. Remember, treating employees with respect and kindness will not only resolve the immediate issue but also strengthen the bonds within your team.

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