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In early January, the United States Patent and Trademark Office announced several new members for two advisory committees related to the office. The new members are to serve three-year terms in their respective offices.

The committees in question are the Trademark Public Advisory Committee and the Patient Public Advisory Committee. Each committee has nine total members, with members rotating off of the committees after their term is ended. The purpose of the committees is to advise the Secretary of Commerce and related agencies regarding managing of both the patent and the trademark office. As such, businesses working with patents and trademarks might want to make themselves somewhat familiar with the advisers.

The new advisers for the PPAC include Marylee Jenkins, Jeffrey M. Sears, and Bernard J. Knight. The new advisers for the TPAC include William G. Barber, Brian J. Winterfeldt, and Ilene B. Tannen. All of these members are legal professionals and most have backgrounds working with patent, trademark and copyright litigation. Some of the members have served previous terms on their respective committees, and most will continue to practice law while also serving in an advisory fashion.

The nine members of each committee might provide feedback and advice about a number of patent and trademark-related topics. This could include fees and costs associated with the processes, performance of the patent and trademark offices and appropriate goals for those offices.

While the individual appointments don't have much impact on an individual business's trademark applications, working with professionals that keep up with all news and changes in the niche can increase your success with such applications or litigation. Trademarks, patents and copyright law can be quite complex, and working with someone who can help you deal with the details leaves you free to drive your business forward.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office, "USPTO Announces New Patent and Trademark Advisory Committee Members," Jan. 09, 2017

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