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Trucks can be quite dangerous in the event of a collision, especially due to their weight, size, and slowed down reaction time. For someone driving a regular-sized vehicle, the injuries and aftermath can be disastrous. While this may indicate that determining fault should be straightforward, as the truck driver is likely the one to blame, this isn’t always the case. In the event of a trucking accident, there are a number of steps taken before any party is deemed responsible.

Who is at Fault in the Event of a Truck Accident

Determining fault requires a thorough investigation of a number of factors. First and foremost, the truck driver’s behavior is inspected, including whether or not the driver was driving safely, within the speed limit, and without negligence. The next step in an investigation involves the truck itself, as the accident may have been caused due to a lack of maintenance or repair, or a faulty part. If this is found to be the reason behind the accident, the manufacturing company is likely to be liable for any injuries or damages incurred. If the driver is found to be improperly trained, the trucking company is then held responsible for failing to responsibly uphold Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Lastly, the contents of the truck are also considered in an investigation, as heavy or improperly stored cargo may have a severely hazardous effect.

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