Business Formation, Mergers And Acquisitions

Businesses come into being, grow, change and eventually go out of existence. Throughout these stages, businesses rely on thoughtful counsel to anticipate pitfalls and respond to problems that arise.

At Klein DeNatale Goldner, we assist California businesses in making the decisions that define their enterprises, allowing them to successfully pursue their visions. We provide services in matters involving:

Business formation — At the time of their founding, businesses must choose what legal structure they will follow. Entrepreneurs and startups want to work with an experienced business formation team to determine which structure is best for their concept: Incorporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP).

Our lawyers will help you select the entity structure with the greatest flexibility, the best potential for profit, and the optimal degree of liability and sensitivity to tax issues. We help draft and customize company bylaws and operating agreements, setting expectations for shareholders or partners. We keep business clients in the clear by meeting requirements for governmental filings, compliance matters, permitting and licensing.

Mergers and acquisitions — Growing, broadening and achieving business synergies by combining existing enterprises. We are experienced in the most complex types of business expansion and restructuring.

Dissolution and succession — When it is time to bring down the curtain on a business, we are there to assist with sales, breakups and passing controls onto a new set of operators. Our attorneys are experienced in creating plans for passing your idea onto the next generation, to a new team or to an interested buyer.

Serving Businesses From Fresno To Bakersfield

Whether you wish to form an LLC or a sole proprietorship, call the business lawyers at KDG at 661-401-7755 or describe the entity issue of current concern using this form.