Labor & Employment Law

For more than 60 years, Klein DeNatale Goldner has been helping business owners achieve their goals. A key part of this work involves the provision of advice, services and representation in the area of employment law.

A Strategic Approach To Employment Law

As the premier business law firm in Bakersfield, we understand how employment law fits into the big picture. We also understand the important contribution that the human resources function can make in helping a company meet its growth and profitability goals.

To this end, our firm provides a complete range of employment law services to employers throughout the San Joaquin Valley as described below.

Employment Counseling

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Considering the far-reaching impact of California and federal employment laws on businesses, that probably understates the benefit of avoiding problems before they occur.

Our employment counseling lawyers provide sound advice to employers, aimed at helping them comply with employment laws and prevent litigation. We can help you formulate employment policies and procedures, and provide training to executives and human resources personnel on important topics such as sexual harassment and termination of employees. We can also instruct key managers on ways to recognize and head off potential problems that could result in an employee lawsuit. In addition, we advise employers in labor law matters such as contract negotiation and union elections.

Employment Litigation

When a problem does arise, Klein DeNatale Goldner provides results-oriented representation in employment litigation involving wage and hour claims, ERISA claims, discrimination claims, wrongful termination and other lawsuits. Our goal when representing you will be to resolve the problem in a satisfactory manner while minimizing financial costs.

The attorneys at Klein DeNatale Goldner have years of experience helping employers of all sizes create productive workplaces. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Our labor and employment law group is headed by Jay L. Rosenlieb.

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