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The war on weak software patents: Could you be impacted?

Software patents have been a point of contention for almost two decades, and current changes in the patent environment have created new challenges for businesses with existing patents. The issues stem partly from the fact that some believe patents shouldn't be issued for certain types of software, and new support for that view could be invalidating thousands of existing patents.

How can you strengthen your invention patent?

Many people believe that filing for an invention on a patent provides blanket coverage against idea theft, but that isn't always the case. A patent does provide a lot of protection, but competitors often find ways to work around your claim by making slight changes, solving slightly different problems or claiming they made the invention before you. Here are three tips to strengthening your patent.

Lawsuit involving NVIDIA, Samsung somewhat resolved

If you look up the phrase "patent infringement" on Google News, you will see pages upon pages of news stories that discuss two companies pitted against one another in a lawsuit. FOr this post, we're looking at a messy patent infringement case between two technology companies -- NVIDIA and Samsung. It began with NVIDIA suing Samsung for infringing on their graphics card technology back in Sept. 2014.

The three types of patents, and what they can do for you

We've talked about patents quite a bit on this blog in the past few months, and for good reason. These vital legal protections allow businesses to operate without fearing that their novel inventions are being copied by other businesses. However, patents aren't a one-size-fits-all application. There are actually three different types of patents, and today we're going to talk about these classes of patents.

During the patent application process, what are your rights?

Let's say that you invent an incredible product. Obviously, this doesn't just happen overnight. You need to invest in your product; you need to fine-tune your product; you need to develop and create the product. Once it is finally finished (this could take months, if not years), you are ready to patent it so that your hard work is legally protected.

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