How to Stay Safe on Halloween

Highly anticipated every year, Halloween is one of the most exciting and enjoyable holidays for children and adults alike. However, with children running out onto the streets, people dressing up in unrecognizable costumes, and plenty of underage drinking, injuries and accidents are more prone to occur. Therefore, it is especially important you are vigilant for you and your children’s safety during this exciting night of fun.

Consider the following safety tips this Halloween:

  • Stay aware at all times – Make sure your children are safe while trick-or-treating, especially while going from home to home. Running up and down strange driveways and crossing the street with such high-traffic is certainly more reason to be aware of your surroundings, as pedestrians are not quite as visible once the sun sets.
  • Pay attention to any decorations – While many people strive to make their home as spooky as possible for the joy of all children who come to trick-or-treat, some of these decorations may cause some sort of hazard. Make sure your own decorations are safe for all visitors, including making sure to tape all wires down, keeping decorations off walkways, limiting the use of fog machines, and using fake candles instead of open flames.
  • Candy – Check for choking hazards before your child goes through any of his or her candy.
  • Pets – Keep your pets on a leash, as they may not be friendly to any new visitors approaching your property.

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