Know Your Options When Trade Secrets Are Leaked

We recently discussed the need for you to keep your company's trade secrets protected. When you find out that your trade secrets have been leaked, you might need to take legal action to recover the losses that you suffer because of this.

There are many actions that you can take when your trade secrets aren't kept a secret. One of these is that you can file a lawsuit. You would need to determine the monetary amount of damages that your company suffered if you plan to file this type of claim. We can review your situation and help you determine these options. From there, you can decide what you are going to do. We can get your case moving in the direction you choose.

In some cases, you might be able to claim a breach of contract if the person who let the trade secrets out had a nondisclosure clause in the contract. You would be able to seek whatever remedy is noted in the contract if this occurs. This is another area where we can help you. We can review the contract and work with you to get things handled.

It is imperative that you take the necessary actions quickly when you learn that your company's sensitive information has gotten out. This might help you contain the issue and prevent it from destroying your company. We understand that your company is a priority for you. We are here to help you learn what you can do to protect it and to keep your trade secrets where they need to be.

Source: Klein, Denatale, Goldner, "Intellectual Property," accessed Oct. 03, 2017

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