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California Board of Legal Specialization Recognizes and Celebrates Hagop T. Bedoyan's 20th Anniversary as a Certified Legal Specialist in Bankruptcy Law

KDG congratulates Hagop T. Bedoyan on 20 years as a certified legal specialist in Bankruptcy law. Bedoyan was the first attorney in Fresno County to be certified as a Specialist in Bankruptcy Law by the California State Bar's Board of Legal Specialization. California attorneys who are certified as specialists have taken and passed a written examination in their specialty field, demonstrated a high level of experience in the specialty field, fulfilled ongoing education requirements and been favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with their work. Only these attorneys can identify themselves as "certified" specialists in California because they are the only attorneys who are certified either by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization or an organization whose certification program has been accredited by the State Bar.