The Rights of Individuals to Appeal a Denial

Claim Denied

You’ve been involved in a serious crash. Your next step is to turn to your insurance company to help you cover the expenses associated with your coverage. Suddenly, your claim is wrongfully denied by the insurance company and they begin to question whether you have a legitimate claim.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that happens far too often as insurance companies are focused on their own profits and bottom line. However, those who have been wrongfully denied insurance claims have the right to request legal help and appeal the denial.

As a policyholder, you are contracted with your insurance company and they are required to uphold the terms of this agreement. They don’t have the right to wrongfully deny a claim when you have paid your premiums and have a legitimate claim.

When the insurance company denies a claim following an accident, it isn’t like other insurance types in which a claim is simply denied. Instead, there may be legal action taken to challenge the denial of your claim in a court of law.

This situation is commonly referred to as a bad faith insurance claim. It means that the insurance company had a responsibility to accept the claim filed by the policyholder, but they instead used various tactics to refuse the claim. These tactics can include:

  • Not paying out the benefits associated with the claim
  • Not paying out benefits without giving an adequate reason as to why
  • Not representing their own policyholders in third-party insurance claims
  • Not improving the claims process, allowing for excessive and tedious paperwork to file a claim

When a policyholder has their claim wrongfully denied, they have rights to pursue legal avenues and seek the compensation they deserve. You shouldn’t be left with the financial obligations of an accident when you’ve paid your premiums on time and on a regular basis.

At Klein, DeNatale, Goldner, you’ll find dedicated San Diego personal injury attorneys who can help explain your rights and options and protect you from the long-winded process after a wrongful insurance claim denial. Trust that we always have your best interests in mind.

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