Why Would an Insurance Company Wrongfully Deny a Claim?

claim DeniedYou pay thousands of dollars each year for insurance coverage to ensure that you’re safe on the road. This includes liability coverage, comprehensive, collision, personal injury protection, and more. You expect that if and when you ever need coverage, the insurance company has your back.

Unfortunately, there are numerous situations in which the insurance company doesn’t uphold their end of the agreement. They wrongfully deny insurance claims for one reason or another, putting their policyholders in a difficult position. Learn why this may happen below.

Focus On Their Own Profits

Insurance companies claim to look out for their policyholders and protect them in their times of need. However, when it comes down to it and individuals need to file a claim, some insurance companies are about one thing only: their own profits.

Insurance companies are large corporations. The less they have to pay out to claims, the more beneficial it is for the company itself and the employees. Some of these insurance companies will do whatever they can to protect their own bottom line.

Claims of Inadequate Coverage

In some situations, the insurance company may try and claim that the policyholder’s coverage is not adequate for the situation. This may include trying to claim that the policyholder didn’t have adequate limits, or that they did not have a specific coverage.

Unfortunately, there are many individuals who may not fully understand their own policy, thus insurance companies may take advantage of this fact. It’s important to fully understand what coverage you do have and what is covered under your policy.

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