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Scales of Justice

If you have filed a claim with your insurance company and it has been wrongfully denied, there are chances that you decide to go the legal avenue to protect your rights. However, many individuals feel as though they can handle these matters on their own when dealing with an insurance company.

This can be a big mistake.

Going through legal matters is something that nobody should attempt to do without a lawyer on their side. When it’s a matter against a large corporation such as an insurance company with a legal team of their own, success is nearly impossible when you don’t have your own understandings of what to expect.

Protection of Your Rights Against the Insurance Company’s Legal Team

Insurance companies have large legal teams whose sole responsibility is to protect the corporation from losing extensive amounts of money. They come prepared to try and limit their responsibility to pay out large claims. This means you should have a strong legal team on your side.

Having a lawyer on your side can help you with understanding the tactics of the insurance company and the ways they may act in bad faith. It can also protect your rights and put you in a more favorable position moving forward.

Finding a Law Firm Working On a Contingency Fee Basis

Because your insurance claim was wrongfully denied, you may have already felt the financial impact associated with the accident. The idea of paying for legal representation on top of that feels like an impossible feat. However, many lawyers work on a contingency fee basis.

This means the law firm you choose will front the costs of going through the legal process and are only paid if and when they are successful in helping you secure compensation. You can seek financial compensation without the burden of worrying about how you’ll pay for your legal advocacy.

At Klein, DeNatale, Goldner, we put our clients’ best interests first. Our San Diego personal injury lawyers are here for you every step of the way, looking to help you secure the benefits you need after you are wrongfully denied a claim through your insurance company.

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